Vitamin C for Beautiful Healthy Skin

Our skin is one of the most important parts of our body. It is our primary defense against the elements and it keeps us safe from germs, diseases, and many other things. Having said that, we also value our skin because it is our external appearance. Our skin contributes a great deal on how we look. Smooth and soft skin is often associated with beauty and youth. This is why many of us opt to have cosmetic surgery done to their face and skin to get that lovely look. However, according to Dr. Oz – a popular surgeon in the United States – among all the well renowned plastic surgeons he’s interviewed, many have spoken about a great alternative to cosmetic surgery. His research concluded that Vitamin C is seen as one of the great secrets to anti-aging and in making a person look 10 years younger.

This may confuse many of us who only know of vitamin C as a way to keep ourselves from getting sick with the flu. In truth, vitamin C brings with it many health advantages to both our body and skin. Considered as an immune booster, a regular intake of vitamin C helps our body stay healthy and fight off illnesses and disease. It has also shown promising results as a good natural anti-histamine which is often used as relief for allergies due to protein issues.

For the skin, vitamin C presents many possible benefits. It can keep the skin healthy and resilient even during the later years of life. While this is good news, the problem is that as we age, the vitamin C in our body will decrease faster than usual. If that’s not bad enough, it is then intensified by external conditions like pollution, germs and excessive skin contact to the sun’s UV rays. This is why many doctors will tell you that it is good to have regular vitamin supplements. This goes double for vitamin C.

If you still want to get the complete set of benefits however, in addition to the daily diet supplement of vitamin C, it is recommended to make use of a topical application to ensure that the skin is exposed directly to the vitamin C nutrients. This is usually accomplished in the form of a lotion or a serum. In terms of absorption by the skin, serum has proven to be 20 times faster than the conventional vitamin C supplement. The vitamin C serum has a very light and liquid texture or feel rather than oily or greasy. Gentle massaging on the face ensures immediate absorption of serum with no wait time before applying moisturizer or cosmetic products. It is very safe to use before applying skin lotions or makeup.

There a couple of very good reasons why you should start using vitamin C serum today. Firstly, it is one of your best weapons against anti-aging. You see, as we age, our skin starts to lose the luster it once had. This is because everything starts to slow down. For the skin, this means collagen production decreases. This leads to dryness which is one of the leading causes for the development of wrinkles – the number one sign of aging. Collagen is necessary for the skin to hold in more moisture to make it more resistant to external factors and to retain its softness. Through the daily application of the vitamin C serum, this will improve collagen production to help bring back the hydration and suppleness of the skin. This will minimize wrinkles and help make your skin look young again. This is also good for scars you might have like acne scars because increased collagen production means enhancing the healing process of the skin.

Another good benefit of vitamin C serum is its ability to make age spots disappear. Age spots may be caused by toxins in the body or the skin and damaged skin cells that are not being naturally replaced by to body. The reason for this is that the skin’s production of new skin cells becomes inefficient as we age so the skin becomes thinner and may develop age spots. This skin problem is also called sun damage because you can also get it from staying too long under the sun. Fortunately, similar to the collagen production improvement, the vitamin C serum boosts the skin’s cell production. This is complimented by the fact that vitamin C is also an antioxidant which can get rid of toxins and the damaged cells that’s in the skin. This, in a way rejuvenates the skin helping it radiate a beautiful and healthy shine.

So how often should you use the vitamin C serum for it to take effect and make a real difference to your skin? It is recommended that you use it once a day before going out to work or right before going to bed. There is no wait time when applying the product so you can immediately apply makeup after using it or simply go to bed without worry that the formula will be absorbed by your blanket or pillow. For even enhance your anti-aging regimen even further, combine the vitamin C serum with vitamin E supplement and see positive effects on your skin.

You should also only purchase fresh and properly packaged vitamin C serums. Ironpower’s best vitamin C serum is manufactured only after orders have been placed, using only high quality ingredients to ensure their freshness and quality. They are also packed in an air tight container that does not allow sunlight to permeate as it can decrease the potency of the vitamin C formula and oxidation will occur. Once ready, it is shipped immediately to your doorstep for your convenience.

Ironpower’s best vitamin C serum also has a watery consistency and transparent in color which is a sure indicator of a serum’s freshness and quality. Additionally, the Ironpower formula makes use of 25% L-Ascorbic Acid for even greater effectiveness compared to just 10% concentration. Aside from all of these great advantages, what makes the Ironpower best vitamin C serum a powerful anti-aging product is because it also has the added effect of caffeine in the formula. What caffeine does is that it helps lighten the dark circles around your eyes making you look even more fresh and radiant. Dark circles are one of the main problems on the skin which makes the eyes look sunken and dark. With its 5% caffeine ingredient, Ironpower’s vitamin C serum also addresses this skin problem to make it look bright and vibrant again.

If it’s beautiful healthy skin you are looking for, then Ironpower vitamin C serum is a great choice that can help you shed 10 years off your looks and restore that naturally healthy glow of your skin.